Backflow & Meter Resources
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Total Backflow Resources, Inc.

Test Kit Calibration Lab available at ALL TBR training classes.
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The area's #1 resource for it's Water Meter services, Backflow Training, and Cross-Connection Control Needs.

Backflow and Meter Resources has been providing backflow, meter, and cross-connection services for the past 15 years.

Backflow and Meter Resources manages an extensive data base to track testing and training dates-giving you peace of mind that deadlines do not become delinquent.

Total Backflow Training Includes:

  • Backflow Assembly Testing & Repair
  • Backflow Technician Certification & Re-Certification Training
  • On-site, CEU approved Water and Wastewater Operator Training
  • Backflow Test Kit Calibrations NEW!
  • On-site & Laboratory large diameter water meter testing and repair
  • Hazard Assessment Site Surveys
  • Cross-Connection Control program development and management.
  • Backflow Services

    Backflow Technician Certification and Re-Certification Training

    Backflow Technician training classes are held on a monthly basis, with training provided by a certified American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) tester. All instructors are also State of Iowa and State of Nebraska Certified Testers, as well as ABPA Certified Test Proctors.

    We provide not only training to new testers, but advanced training for the experienced tester as well. This includes advanced trouble shooting and diagnostic classes, informational training about the dangers of Cross-Connections and ways to protect your company from health hazards and liability claims.

    Backflow and Meter Resources brings our training to your location at no extra cost. If you are interested in sponsoring a certification or continuing education class at your location, contact us directly at 1-888-305-5292.

    Backflow Testing and Repair

    Backflow and Meter Resources provides complete testing and repair services on all types and sizes of backflow prevention assemblies. Located in Salix, Iowa, Backflow and Meter Resources will come to your location anywhere in Iowa or Nebraska to test and or repair your backflow prevention assemblies. We provide copies of all necessary paperwork to the customer as well as to the administrative authorities.

    Our technicians are fully certified as backflow prevention assembly testers and certified water works operators. This not only insures that you will be getting top quality testing and repair of your backflow assemblies, but they also understand the importance of minimizing the customer’s downtime. Backflow and Meter Resources technicians also have a thorough knowledge of federal and state drinking water standards that must be met by the water purveyor.

    All field personnel are qualified and trained to conduct site surveys and hazard assessments for your municipality or your private facility.

    Meter Services

    Meter change and programs

    Backflow and Meter Resources provides complete residential and commercial water meter change out programs. Whether your system is upgrading older meters or changing to an updated meter reading system, Backflow and Meter Resources has the experience and expertise to complete the program efficiently to your guaranteed satisfaction.

    On-Site Water Meter Testing and Repair

    Backflow and Meter Resources uses only the newest, certified and calibrated portable testing equipment to test the accuracy of your large diameter water meters. Meters can either be tested in place, or removed, tested and re-installed. Backflow and Meter Resources can repair your water meters in the field or in our full service testing laboratory.

    On-Site Installation and Evaluation

    Backflow and Meter Resources provides on-site analysis of flow and usage requirements for each meter location, in order to install the appropriate size and type of water meter application needed at each location.